Monday, March 8, 2010

Crochet... how it all started

My Grandma Emerson taught me how to crochet at a young age... I think around 3rd grade. She was left handed and had to switch hands to try and teach me because I am right handed. She was amazing enough to do that for me. She taught me the basics of how to crochet a chain. I remember crocheting chains so long that my brother and sister could take one end and run it around the whole inside of the house, top floor to the basement, and still have extra left over.

 After my mom realized that I didn't know how to do anything but make chains she decided to teach me how to go back on the chain and give it some bulk. After I had some experience doing that I started to take my crochet practice to school. I remember sitting on the heater during the cold winter months during recess and crocheting while the other girls chatted with me. I never thought anything of it. I also made glue balls and noodle people during class, but that is a story for another time. I don't know of many 3rd graders that crochet during recess time.

  Any way, I would only make simple things like hot pads and overalls for my teddy bears. I never learned the names of the stitches or how to read patterns. I always just made things up as I went. I learned from mistakes and from trial and error. As I got older I moved on to make hats and scarves. I started a tradition on Thanksgiving that I would make myself a new hat while dinner was cooking during the Macy's day parade. I have many hats and scarves  thanks to that tradition. When I got married I made a few blankets for family members that were having babies but I didn't really do much else. 

Finally, this year I got a great idea. After doing the same 3 types of stitches time after time I decide to youtube "Crochet." Low and behold there was a vast collection of all sorts of good stitches and patterns. I started making new things and learning new cool tricks. Soon I realized that I could read patterns if I really put my mind to it. All I would have to do is google what the  pattern stitches were and then watch the video on youtube to learn how to do it. Suddenly I  learned what fpdc means and what that looks like!!! YEAHHH 

I decided that I would use the many years of making thing up and combine that with the new found knowledge to make some really great stuff.  
That is how Cappellino came to be. 

Cappellino is the Italian word for little hat, or cute hat, or ladies hat. (It was suggested to me by my friend Jillian, thanks girl!)

For those of you who don't know I now have a side business called Cappellino. I sell handmade crochet hats and accessories.

So I got to work and made a whole bunch of patterns and ideas for cute hats and accessories. The only problem is I live in Arizona... not exactly an ideal place for warm hats and gloves. But it's alright that is what Etsy is for. My Etsy store is still a work in progress so if you would like to order anything please contact me here. 


Now that you know the story of Cappellino and my crochet learning history here are some recent projects I came up with. 

P.S. - I am currently working on a project that is crochet and art... it is for a national contest for a $1000 gift card to Joann's craft store. I will be posting more on this soon. 

These cute little models are one of my friends kids. 
You can tell that Arizona in March isn't too cold. 
(Shorts and a tee shirt, with hats, scarves, and gloves!! That's funny)

These little kiddos were headed off to see family in Alabama for a week... the hats, scarves, and gloves were a must have!!


The Matthews Family March 8, 2010 at 9:28 AM  

Oh. My. Goodness! These are so ridiculously cute! Seriously Ashley, if I was a rich doctor's wife I would have you take pictures of every single moment in my children's lives! Love, love, love it! And the hats, etc. are so adorable! Even more so now that I know that you are basically self taught! Wow!

Patti March 9, 2010 at 4:14 PM  

Truly adorable!

Cherie March 10, 2010 at 8:14 AM  

My question is: What CAN'T you do?? LOVE it all! And I'm NEEDING me some of that teddy bear hat. Thanks for sharing your talent!! :)


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