Thursday, June 9, 2011

So it's kind of a funny story...

A few Saturdays ago I went to pick up some produce from one of my neighbors... I drove by a garage sale and glanced at the items they had. I saw the usual type of things (but then I saw it) a small sofa with a great look to it. (I have been wanting to do some reupholstering but it had to be the right piece of furniture.)
I didn't stop because I knew I had no where to put it in my house and I was guessing that they were asking too much for it anyway.

I drove home and got a few things done around the house. I was headed to a birthday party but the sofa just kept nagging at me. I just had to drive by again and see if they still had the sofa out. When I drove by I noticed they did... so I stopped. I got out and noticed the price first $20, things just got more interesting. BUT there were a few problems...

#1. The thing was covered in cat hair... and I think I may have spotted a toenail clipping YUCK!!
#2. I didn't have anywhere to put it in the house
#3. I didn't have a truck so how was I going to get it home

The guy selling the sofa came up and saw me looking at it... I asked him if he would take $10 for it. (I had called my husband to see if he would let me get it... his stipulation was that I talk the people down to $10) The guy called his wife and said we had a deal!!! I payed him and said I would be right back. I called my husband again and told him he was going to need to come help me carry this sofa home.
(It was only a few blocks from where we live)

But then I had a great idea... we had a little red wagon we could use to pull the sofa home.
So I drove the car home and met up with my husband who just happened to have popped a whole bowl of popcorn and didn't want to let it go cold so he had to bring it along. So here we are loading up this sofa onto this tiny wagon. We started walking down the middle of the street looking like some crazies... me pulling the wagon along and my husband eating his popcorn as we went. It was one for the record books.

Here it is... in all it's denim glory

Now you can see the cat hair I was talking about

Let the staple removing marathon begin

You have to take the fabric off carefully so that you can use it as your patterns for later.

I took all my measurements so I could price out my fabric
Then I made a sketch of how it would all be cut to maximize my fabric use.

After spending hours and hours debating on what fabric to buy I found an inexpensive non upholstery fabric. (I didn't want to spend $30 a yard, since I needed 8 yards of fabric)

I did all my cuts and measurements... learned how to make pipping as well. Then I pinned, sewed, and did a test fit. Turned out well!!

More test fitting.

My hands got a good beating... lots of blisters and tender spots.
But I finally got myself a staple gun :)

The tack strips were hard to use... maybe because I tried to reuse mine. (I am all about recycling and not spending lots of money) But if I were to do this again I would go and buy new ones.

It really started to come together nicely

Finishing off the back side
More tacking strips.
I had some trouble with the left side... but it turned out fine in the end.
The finished bottom... just before I put on the other legs
ohhh now for the fun part... pillows.
I used 2 shirts my wonderful sister-in-law gave me.
(Thank you Annie, hope you aren't mad I cut them up)
I also used the old pillow form from the old pillows
A little cut here a little cut there...
A little sewing here and a little sewing there... and
TA DAAAAA!! You have some really cute pillows.
We even found a good place for it.

Before and After!
The best part about the whole thing... the total price was $75
$10 for the sofa
$35 for the fabric
$30 for the tools
The funny thing is I had gift cards for the tools and for the
fabric as well so
I actually spent $10 for the whole thing!!

- Craft Hard


The Matthews Family June 13, 2011 at 7:10 AM  

Wow! Looks great! I'm so impressed with how you always figure out how to do things like this on your own!

Anonymous June 13, 2011 at 7:27 AM  

Ashley it looks incredible! You are so talented and never afraid to try new things. You just dive right in! Love it!


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