Monday, April 4, 2011

Take me Out to the Symphony

My sweet husband is one very busy guy. He is in his second year of medical school and has many tests each week. He has many leadership callings in school as well as church. He loves to run, bike, and play soccer. He searches for opportunities to give service and do good things in the community. (When he runs or bikes to school he picks up trash a long the way, isn't that cute) So with all of those things going on we don't get to see each other very often. But he is always trying to make time for me when he gets any...

Scott donates blood as often as he can, sometimes he gets little perks when he is done. Last year after donating he got a ticket to the Phoenix Symphony. We were very excited to go have a date night. This year when he got his ticket again I decided that we should get a little more dressed up and make it a really fun and different evening.

So I sat down and sketched out a little dress for the evening (feeling more confident after having made the prom dress) For some reason I have been into 40's and 50's fashion lately. So I decided to make a dress that resembled that time frame.

After finishing the dress I watched a few videos on Youtube on how to do some awesome hair from that time. I finished the look off with some nice red lipstick.

I was worried that I would look out of place next to my husband so
I made him a matching bow tie with extra fabric left over from my dress.
It was such a fun and enjoyable evening.

A big thanks to my husband for putting up with me and
being willing to go out in public with me :) You are the best!!

Check out that red lipstick and crazy hair...


Melynda King April 4, 2011 at 10:29 PM  

You look darling! And I love the dress and red lipstick! You are AMAZING!!


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