Monday, January 10, 2011

The Battle

The pain of an inward battle, the fight of an unsung struggle.

There is a great quote that says...

"Be kind, for every one you meet is fighting a hard battle"

How true the statement is and how the world would change if we were all a little kinder.
I bet if you are reading this right now you could think of at least 10 people within a few minutes who are going through a "hard battle" I know I can.
Go ahead and take a minute to think of those 10 people.

It has almost been 4 years since I have had a TV on in my home. Yes we have a TV but it is not connected to any station or box. We also have not received the newspaper in those 4 years... that is until this week. A young man was starting a program to raise money for his college education and part of the program deals with the newspaper.
My husband found that this was a worthy cause for a young mans education.

Starting last Monday the newspaper showed up on our door. Every time I glanced at it another sad story splashed across the headlines. Then Saturday came...
"Tucson Massacre" 6 dead, 14 wounded.

It makes me cry just thinking about it... not to mention the man that did the shooting.
22 years old, only a year younger than I am.

Not all of us have a head line that screams to those around us the battle we are going through...
This 22 year old man decided to share his pain by forcing a torrent of sadness and pain on others. Now we read of those families that lost loved ones, those that were willing to help and save others, and those who will spend a life time in recovery from that single event. My heart goes out to all of those involved in the Tucson tragedy.

This is my hope and thought for today...
It is often easy to look at our battle, our struggle, and say ours is indeed the harder.
But with this statement we spurn our neighbors battle in the process.

Remember those 10 people that came to mind when first reading this...
Write down their names.
Make them a card, give them a call, stop by for a visit,
send them a text, let them know you are thinking of them and you care about them.
Because after all...

"Be kind, for every one you meet is fighting a hard battle"


Jenn January 10, 2011 at 9:43 AM  

We renewed our newspaper subscription with those same 2 boys. Hopefully they make it to college! I read the newspaper yesterday and cried. It is so sad to think of what has happened in our new home state. I am sad for those that lost their lives, those that are injured, and all their families. But, I also ache for the family of the suspect. Having personal experience with both a victim and a suspect of a horrible crime, I know that it hurts on both ends, and questions will never be answered. I just hope those in Tuscon know we're praying for them at this time. Thanks for the post!


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